felt needs and education.

Have you caught some of the commercials for some of these short-term educational institutions? They provide  some really interesting commentary on what some people look for in education:

“I want classes I control, not lectures I have to sit through.” Wow….individualism much? Maybe it signals to some that the good ole days of higher education have simply fallen into the pit of consumerism, but I think it’s probably just good marketing. It’s almost like colleges are now starting to market like church plants did about 10 years ago.

Now, try this one on for size:

I’m sure that there’s people who have earned legitimate degrees from ITT Tech, but for Pete’s sake – they’ve got to have the neediest student population in the world if their commercials are recruiting the kind of people they’re built to recruit – people who want to please their parents, people who want to have the American dream and people who want to feel like their life has a purpose.

And then the Christian in me wants to step up and say, “Friend, you don’t need education or a career or 2.5 kids + a garage to have a purpose in life!” But then I look at our college & university culture, even within the Christian world – how we raise our kids with the expectation of taking on massive debt so that they can provide for their families and feel fulfilled as people, as if that were the ultimate goal.

It makes me wonder: how can we use education in a positive way without having to appeal to people’s sense of legitimacy or their selfish natures?