sometimes i feel like an island.

I love working with other leaders – leaders at my church, leaders from our community, leaders from our denomination and leaders from the Church in general. But sometimes I feel like an island, stuck between polarizing extremes. I’m not really a conservative and I’m not really a liberal. I’m not really a Republican and not really a Democrat. I hesitantly say that I’m not a hard-core Calvinist but I’m not really a Wesleyan, either.

I find myself ready to admit that there’s a lot that we don’t know, even with the Bible in hand. I have a big view of God that allows me to entertain basically any sort of crazy concept about reality without having my faith shaken….like aliens, alternate dimensions, a metaphorical perspective on most of Scripture – you name it! I may not agree with all those things, but if, on the day I pass on, God lays some truth on me that seems bizarre to my right-now mind, I don’t think I’ll turn around and see what other options are available. And it really confuses me how some people latch their careers, faith and even self-definition to theologically-fuzzy or questionable parts of God’s revelation to us.

Its weird to me how so many people, even leaders,
gravitate to extremes.

I mean, I get it – its less mentally taxing to spend time on the margins – there’s only one direction to falter rather than two….sort of like sitting on the bottom of a teeter-totter is less taxing than trying to stand in the middle with both sides balanced. And logical conclusions/inevitabilities are pretty inviting, as well. Every once in a while, I find myself lured into thinking the world’s going to hell in a hand basket. But I know it’s not – and I know it’s part of my Spirit-fueled role as a disciple to fight back against the advance of darkness with all my might.

But sometimes I feel like I’m the only one – like an island.
Do you too?