what the what?

Hi, I’m Mark.

I’m a pastor in Austin, TX at a small church trying to have a massive impact. Sometimes we feel like we’re going nuts, sometimes we don’t. I continually try to ask myself and my leaders how Jesus would run a church and I’m not sure we’ve found it yet, but I feel like we’re closer to that now than at any other point in my ministry. And it is messy. Oh, so messy. And frustrating. And tiring. And smelly. And I always win the one-upping-pastor-story contests when I get together with other pastors. And it drives me crazy. And I love it.

About 6 years ago, I started a blog called “On A Mission“. At that point I was noticing a lot of things and was happy to call them out. Now I feel like God’s calling me in a different direction – to speak some truth into the small sphere He’s allotted me. So I hope that you’ll find this blog useful and I’ll try not to be one of those guys who only posts once a month. Know that, although I do have some accountability partners in this thing, what I say does not necessarily reflect the views of Sunrise Community Church, YALT or the CRCNA.

And I’ll still be blogging once a week over at Momentum, still helping to lend leadership at YALT because I believe that the issues that lie in the chasm between young adults and the Church are the same issues that restrain us from health and hope-giving effectiveness as churches and as denominations.

So come along on the journey with me, if you want.